Orivesi Gold Mine

The Orivesi Gold Mine is located 80 kilometres northeast of the Vammala Production Centre, within the Tampere Schist Belt. Here, two vertical pipe-like lode systems, Kutema and Sarvisuo occur in strongly deformed, andalusite rich, silicified zones.

The drilling of a series of underground diamond core drilling campaigns totaling 70 holes, which targeted the Sarvisuo West area, has been completed.  The initial campaign of 45 holes evaluated the area between the 480m and 720m levels yielding a number of promising intercepts including  2.00m @ 84.13 g/t gold, 4.50m @ 11.58 g/t gold, 8.35m @ 4.67 g/t gold, 1.75m @ 27.16 g/t gold, 3.10m @ 8.33 g/t gold, 2.40m @ 84.53 g/t gold, 3.00m @ 55.10 g/t gold and 1.50m @ 16.23 g/t gold.  

Two follow-up campaigns, targeting the extensions of and in-filling identified mineralisation have returned further encouragement including intercepts of 6.15m @ 5.86 g/t gold, 3.70m @ 92.48 g/t gold and 3.00m @ 9.72 g/t gold.

A further drilling program is now underway, testing the area below the 720m level.  Two holes of the sixteen hole program completed. 

Preparation is also underway to commence a program of drilling that will target the Kutema lode system between the 880m and 960m levels.  The 17 hole, 3,100 metre program has been designed to improve confidence in the Kutema resource in readiness for mine planning.  The program will commence once drill stations are available in the Kutema decline extension.

File 1078

Recent Sarvisuo West Intercept Highlights

A high grade intercept of 20.0m @ 34.67 g/t gold from the upper portion of Pipe 2, was one of several encouraging intercepts obtained from a surface diamond core drilling program that was designed to test the up-dip extensions of the Sarvisuo lode system between surface and the 240m level.A program of underground diamond core drilling from the 260m level to further test the up-dip extensions of the Sarvisuo lode system between the 230m and 200m levels also returned a number of high grade intercepts, including 3.80m @ 21.09 g/t gold, 3.00m @ 47.43 g/t gold and 2.15m @ 107.64 g/t gold.  The results from these two programs have confirmed that the Sarvisuo lode system extends to shallower depths. File 1079Sarvisuo Up-dip extensions, recent highlight intercepts.The potential for the identification of additional pipe clusters similar to the Kutema and Sarvisuo systems, within the hosting hydrothermally alteration zone remains at an early stage of evaluation.A result of 1.20 metres @ 7.81 g/t gold is one of the more encouraging intercepts obtained away from the mining area. This intercept highlights a narrow zone of gold mineralisation in a previously untested area, 200 metres north of the Kutema Lode System.File 1080Orivesi Gold Mine Potential